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Most of the animation quality is good

However the humor is lacking. It's like if a bunch of 10 year old played Skyrim and tried to make funny jokes, but failing to be funny. The first animation failed to have any punch line whatsoever, there was no joke.
The second one was funny and the joke wasn't hit you over the head but I got it.
The third also failed to have a punch line or a joke.
The genre shouldn't be comedy - parody, but observations the animation.
The fourth and fith also didn't have a joke, but just were more observations.
The final one was funny.
All in all most of the animation is quite good, but the humor is really lacking.


And animation is horrendous.

:C NO.

Man, please submit something that is not spam, I used to like your work, bow it's just spam.

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An Ok Game

This game is generally fun and basic. What ruins it is the placement of the bees, most of the time, at least 50 pixels away from the bee it would explode.

Not as good as first.

The first had me lol'ing all over the place. This, not so much.

This game was alright

But my main complaint is the lack of a pause button. I tried going to mofunzone so the link in the bottom of the corner would appear, but it didn't. Also: there needs to be check points, or some sort of health or psy upgrades.

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Love it

But I can't get it to work in flash 8.

I didn't know it was possible

But I came from every whole and crack of my body. Including fingers.

EyeLovePoozy responds:

Good times man, good times.

Nice rendition of Never Gonna Give You Up

Very Nice.

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